Soyab (سویاب) Islamic Boy Name with Meaning (Urdu – English)

Urdu Nameسویاب
English NameSoyab
Meaning in Urduانتہائی قابل احترام, معزز
Meaning in Englishhighly respected, honorable

Soyab” is an Urdu name that is often spelled as “Soyaab” or “Soyeb” as well. It is not a widely used name, but it has a pleasant meaning in Urdu. The meaning of “Soyab” in Urdu is “highly respected” or “honorable.”

What effect will it have if a boy’s name is kept Soyab?

Naming a boy Soyab can have an impact on how he is perceived by others. Since the name means “highly respected” or “honorable” in Urdu, it may influence how people view and treat him. They might expect him to be someone of dignity and integrity. Additionally, the name can serve as a source of motivation for the boy, reminding him to uphold principles of respect and honor in his actions and interactions.